Participation in SMART-BEAR’s Information Day

SPHYNX Technology Solutions participated in the Information Day: AI Standards and Interoperability for Healthcare, organized on July 26th, 2023 by SMART BEAR EU and Università degli Studi di Milano at Sala Napoleonica in Milan, Italy.

Dr. Ioannis Basdekis, our Chief Privacy Engineer, Dr. Michalis Smyrlis, our Chief Software Engineer, and Dr. Lefteris Koumakis, our Project Manager, were among the attendees. SMART BEAR EU presented synergies accomplished to other H2020 projects and within this context how SmartBear addresses the GDPR right to portability. This event provided a valuable opportunity for researchers to come together and discuss the progress and challenges they encountered during the execution of various clinical trials and research projects in healthcare that use #AI applications.
During the event, Dr. Ioannis Basdekis presented the challenges that SMART BEAR EU project faces with data privacy. This project aims to support elderlies with chronic diseases using wearables, smart devices, and #artificialintelligencetechnology. Dr. Michalis Smyrlis presented the #HEIR2020 project and showcased how the threat-hunting module can be used to detect issues in the #healthcare environment and prevent malicious attacks. Finally, Dr. Lefteris Koumakis represented RETENTION Project, which aims to improve heart failure outcomes through continued monitoring of the patients outside the hospital.
It was a fruitful experience for our team, engaging with other professionals in the field and exchanging knowledge on security and interoperability in healthcare. Congratulations to the organizers and participants!