The SPHYNX group, including SPHYNX TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS AG in Switzerland and SPHYNX ANALYTICS LIMITED in Cyprus, comes under SPHYNX HELLAS SA, the new holding company that it has established, and moves its headquarters to Athens, Greece.

Along with this re-structuring, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards growth and innovation: the group has secured a 3m Euro investment from PHAISTOS Investment fund and a strategic international co-investor, both leading players in the Greek venture capital industry in the technology sector.

This strategic investment signifies a new chapter in the group’s evolution and will enable us to accelerate our mission of offering innovative cyber security products and services to provide the much needed assurance to clients faced with continuous and challenging cyber security risks.

Enabled by the acquisition of more than 25m Euro, obtained through competitive EU and national R&D funding in the last five years, SPHYNX TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS AG has developed the SPHYNX Security and Privacy Assurance (SPA) Suite: a novel, comprehensive suite of tools for cyber threat and incident detection, cyber risk assessment and automated incident management and response. SPHYNX HELLAS SA is now embarking on the full commercialisation of our products.  In this endeavour, PHAISTOS Investment brings a wealth of experience and resources that will empower us to achieve our ambitious goal of expanding our clientele in Greece, Europe and beyond.

Professor George Spanoudakis, Founder and Director of all companies in the SPHYNX group, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, “PHAISTOS Investment is renowned for its track record of identifying and nurturing innovative companies in the 5G/6G ecosystem and the wider technology sector enabled by it. Their decision to invest in SPHYNX HELLAS SA is a strong vote of confidence in our vision, our team, and our potential for growth. Their support will help us to further develop our product and service portfolio and expand our reach into new markets in Europe and beyond. We are excited and highly optimistic about the new partnership.