In Data We Trust – Blockchain and Security in AI

On May 25th, the innovation experts from IntellIoT, Startup Colors, and the Meetup.Ai community in Berlin invite you to a knowledge-packed online event. Among the speakers, the Chief Technology Officer of Sphynx Analytics, Konstantinos Fysarakis, shall present the security and privacy challenges of IoT and AI applications.

Smart technologies are a big part of our everyday life – they’re helping us in our daily routines, making our work smoother and more efficient. But even the most advanced systems have a drawback: sometimes it’s hard to trust them. Devices connected to the Internet are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. And when it comes to safety – especially when the data we are protecting is highly sensitive – compromises are not acceptable. Thankfully, there are solutions that can address the issue of IoT security – such as blockchain technology.