The SPHYNX Security & Privacy Assurance Platform

SPHYNX Security & Privacy Assurance Platform
The SPHYNX Security & Privacy Assurance Platform

Sphynx has developed a security and privacy assurance platform to enable customised and continuous assessment of the security and privacy of your enterprise and comprehensive risk management. The platform offers:

  • Hybrid security and privacy assessments that include and combine threat and vulnerability analysis, static analysis, penetration testing and continuous runtime monitoring to provide a comprehensive and multi perspective analysis of the security and privacy posture of an enterprise and its systems;
  • Automated threat and vulnerability analysis;
  • Interoperability with various system platforms and programmatic connectivity to different systems through appropriate probes (e.g., event captors, test tools) that enable it to obtain the monitoring and/or test evidence required for assurance and/or certification assessments;
  • Sophisticated event processing capabilities that can realise complex signature or anomaly-based assessments;
  • Model-driven customisations to enable the realisation of different security standards and risk management requirements;
  • Advanced and customisable reporting for audit purposes;

The platform can be used through onsite installations or as-a-service.

The SPHYNX Analytics Platform

Analytics platform
The SPHYNX Analytics Platform

Sphynx has developed a platform for model-driven data analytics. The platform supports batch mode and real-time data stream processing, based on the use of NoSQL data technologies (Hive, SPARK). Key innovative features of the platform include:

  • a model driven data analytics approach in which analytics are embedded in the context of and driven by models that describe the decision making based on the evidence arising from it, and
  • the execution of trustworthy analytics (e.g., seamlessly embedded checks within the core computations of the SPARK platform Services)

The SPHYNX Cyber Range Platform

SPHYNX Cyber Range Platform
The SPHYNX Cyber Range Platform

The SPHYNX Cyber Range platform is enhanced version of its Security & Privacy Assurance platform, which offers cyber security training that covers a comprehensive spectrum of known and emerging security and privacy threats and is tailored to the particular security and privacy risks of different organisations. Key innovative features of our Cyber Range platform include:

  • Delivery of cyber range exercises for different assets (and combinations of assets) of an organisation, and particular types of security and privacy threats, vulnerabilities and risks identified for them;
  • Support for asset emulation and simulation at different layers of the implementation stack;
  • Model driven customisation of cyber range exercises.