Enterprise Security Assurance

Sphynx offers customised services for enterprise security assurance. These enable our clients to set up security assessments, based on industrial and international standards (e.g., cloud, network, smart metering standards). The assessments are based and leverage on outcomes of the built in analytic capabilities of the Sphynx’s security and privacy assurance platforms as well as external tools, including threat analysis, vulnerability and penetration testing, continuous monitoring at all levels of the enterprise system implementation stack, sophisticated event processing and anomaly pattern detection.

Our solutions enable the configuration of security assessment, reporting and certification to the needs of different stakeholders ranging from senior management to external auditors and regulators. Our security consultants will support you in setting up and security and privacy assurance program covering the specific needs for your enterprise, establish the connectivity required with your enterprise systems in order to obtain the evidence required for the different types of assessment, configure the reporting of the platform to your needs, and train your personnel in overseeing the assurance program using the platform.