About Sphynx

Our mission is to offer innovative solutions, consultancy and training on data analytics for cyber security and data analytics for enterprise intelligence.

Consultancy and training

Consulting, service set up and training on customer specific systems analytics, security assessment and cyber intelligence.


Sophisticated event processing and analytics, security monitoring and testing, intrusion detection, fraud management, incident response.


Framework of off-the-shelf hardware and software components coupled with the Sphynx Analytics Engine, Threat Monitoring System and Security Certification Platform.

Services and products

Analytics and intelligence

Analytics and intelligence

Sphynx offers a customizable data analytics and intelligences solution that can be applied both data-at-rest, as well as on live, steaming data, for real-time analysis. The analytics and intelligence solution utilizes off-the-shelf hardware components coupled with our custom software engine to provide a clear upgrade path, without vendor-spefic lock-in. Adopters of our solution are free to specify the analysis parameters using open standards.

Security assurance and certification

Security assurance and certification

Sphynx offers customised solutions for security assurance and certification, enabling customers to realise security assessments, based on industrial and international standards (e.g., cloud, network, smart metering standards), through the use of tool supported continuous monitoring and testing. Our solutions make use of industrial strength tools including vulnerability and penetration testing tools, and open source solutions such as the CUMULUS certification framework. Our solutions enable the configuration of security assessment, reporting and certification to the needs of different stakeholders ranging from senior management to external auditors and regulators.

Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Incident Response

Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Incident Response

Our SaaS solutions enable the assessment and management of security risks and emerging threats, offering very fast time-to-protection and increased business security. Our solutions support comprehensive and integrated security management, based on the Sphynx Threat Monitoring System (STMS). STMS is a honeypot-based intrusion system that can detect malicious events and generate early warnings at a very high scale, based on a network of distributed low-interaction honeypots that continuously capture data from dark space Internet addresses.

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Intelligence

Sphynx cyber intelligence solutions focus on developing a comprehensive understanding of customer risks and exposure to prospective cyber adversaries by developing knowledge of attack motivations, favoured techniques and known activities. Cyber intelligence solutions are based on installation of usable real-time security monitoring mechanisms, including mechanisms for monitoring network traffic, and automated security incident response mechanisms based on a customer-centric integrated architecture for joint intrusion detection, log and event management and fraud management.

R&D Projects

BIO_PHOENIX (EU H2020 programme, 2019 – 2022)

Overview: Bio-Phoenix aims to develop a bio-inspired paradigm for reconstructing nearly extinct complex software systems based on a novel computational DNA (co-DNA) oriented systems modelling approach. The co-DNA encapsulates logic and program code enabling the use of analogues of biological processes for transmitting, transforming, combining, activating and deactivating it across computational and communication devices. It can thus enable other computational devices, which have it, to act as parts of the system that needs to be reconstructed, realise its functionality, and spread further the system reconstruction process.

THREAT-ARREST (EU H2020 programme, 2018 – 2021)

Overview: THREAT-ARREST aims to develop an advanced training platform incorporating emulation, simulation, serious gaming and visualization capabilities to adequately prepare stakeholders with different types of responsibility and levels of expertise in defending high-risk cyber systems and organizations to counter advanced, known and new cyber-attacks.

RESIST (EU H2020 programme, 2018 – 2021)

Overview: RESIST is aimed at increasing the resilience of seamless transport operation to natural and man-made extreme events, protect the users of the European transport infrastructure and provide optimal information to the operators and users of the infrastructure. The project addresses extreme events on critical structures, implemented in the case of bridges and tunnels attacked by all types of extreme physical, natural and man-made incidents, and cyber-attacks. Sphynx's contributions will in developing support for the security and resilience of critical infrastructures management systems against cyber-attacks.

SEMIOTICS (EU H2020 programme, 2018 – 2021, Project's website)

Overview: SEMIoTICS aims to develop a pattern-driven framework, built upon existing IoT platforms, to enable and guarantee secure and dependable actuation and semi-autonomic behaviour in IoT applications. Patterns encode proven dependencies between security, privacy, dependability and interoperability (SPDI) properties of individual smart objects and corresponding properties of orchestrations involving them. The SEMIoTICS framework will support cross-layer intelligent dynamic adaptation, including heterogeneous smart objects, networks and clouds, addressing effective adaptation and autonomic behaviour at field (edge) and infrastructure (backend) layers based on intelligent analysis and learning.

HOLOBALANCE (EU H2020 programme, 2017 –2020, Project's website)

Overview: The overall objective of HOLOBALANCE is to develop and validate a new personalized hologram coach platform for virtual coaching, motivation and empowerment of the ageing population with balance disorders. The coaching part will be realised by holograms and augmented reality games, along with easy to use sensors (smart bracelet, smart glasses, sensorized soles) that can be customized to implement and coach the user with specific, individualized exercises, offering new forms of accessible user interaction. Sphynx Technology Solutions is responsible for the security and privacy of the platform.


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